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Pablo Cuellar

Pablo Cuellar is an Argentinian artist based in Miami since 2001. Pablo’s architectural background is re ected in his work which reinforces the geometric tendencies and leads him to experiment with different materials like ink, markers, watercolors, acrylics, pastels, paper, canvas, cardboard, and PVC. Pablo’s work uses light and shadows on volumetric compositions with a special emphasis on the full use of color.

Pablo’s Ensayos Cromatubulares are developed over wood surfaces shaped in deferent geometrical forms and sizes. Their explosion of color and movement is achieved by precision cuts of the tubular elements in different angles and heights and a random but coherent placement of each element thus creating shapes, waves or geometrical forms in movement. His use of color begins from the simplicity of the primary colors and sometimes saturates all the chromatic spectrum of the neutral colors, searching for light and shadow effects that sharpen and accentuate the different shapes. Pablo’s works is solid and motionless but its re ected color seems to beat at the same rhythm as the heart of the observer.


“I can describe my work as simple, innovative and unique as it is the result of the fusion of my experiences and memories lled with happiness and color. My work also re ects my restless spirit always looking for something new, and my professional burden that is very strong, somewhat structured, sometimes symmetrical and organized, and other times a little deconstructive, without neglecting the sensitivity and emotion that makes me think of those who could observe my work, and when walking by it enjoy the balance between all the mentioned above.

I am motivated by the opportunity to explore new ideas and develop them as a ludicrous child’s play, like Lego pieces that are thrown on a table, without a clear idea at the start. I begin my journey with a clean mind, a positive emotional charge and the premise of freedom in the formal. My art arises as the relationship and the contradiction between my spirit and my mind.”