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Jesus Matheus

To paint is to think, as is to construct. To think is to construct, as is to

draw, paint, sculpt:

to objectify the luck of an artistic object.

The origins of The White Studio, is a piece (part of an installation circa 2008) that permits me to reflect on the line, shape, and color as mediums of expression essential to visual arts.
A program that points out to geometry as “forms and shapes that contrive.” Artistic logic that seeks a geometric vocabulary. A sort of Gestalt.

“As if geometric space comes to occupy the space of myth and magic” Cassirer
Confirming my interest in an abstract language of geometric nature, liberation comes in the purity of its forms, its properties and mutual relations that determine the general expression of the work (every Neo-plasticism, every Mondrian.)

Space arouses absence and emptiness. In the paradox that is creation,to remove is to say what is necessary and sufficient, one only needs the truth and the objective reality of the work.
An element, a shape can be formed with color, where it is everything, and nothing else.

Perhaps a memory.
The inner light of the work moves to the stage where it is seen. An ode to painting, ritual of human existence.

I declare it as the conceptual foundation to the aesthetic principles of my last works of art.