Flor Troconis

[JAN/FEB 2016]

Flor Troconis’s passion for shapes, color and paint are ignited by her travels, ex- periences, as well as emotions and desires ever since she was a child. Whether it’s exploring the alleys of Istanbul, probing marketplaces in London or simply looking down at the sidewalks, Flor has a paintbrush in hand. Without a spoken language, painting is her channel for Universal communication, bringing to light social issues and emotional triggers.


Life is a series of repetitive yet incongruent segments. You never know what you are going to get, but the best is to stand back and appreciate it as it is and extract the positive, colorfulness of variety , even if there are moments of darkness.
Flor Troconis sees life, moments, physical and nonphysical in color and shapes. Her latest collection titled Segmentos depict thoughts, emotions, experiences, and visuals of moments that often transcend time and places.