[MAY/JULY 2015]

As a new gallery in Wynwood, I never thought I would do an emerging artist exhibition so soon. However, recent personal experiences have made me rethink my approach.

I have decided to promote a group of talented emerging artists: Gabriela, Isadora, Alberto JosE, Alfredo and Rafael, all of them Venezuelans opening new paths beyond their homeland.

Venezuela is going through its toughest political, social and economic crisis in recent history. Many of us, have left the country looking for opportunities that are getting harder to come by.

Art, in my opinion, is the purest mean of human expression and it is essential for any society. Somehow art captures the essence of who we are as people. A friend of mine always says ìwe see art in the way we grew up with itî. In Venezuela we grew up surrounded by art, which is why we have a very particular way of viewing it. Art is in Venezuelansí DNA. Surviving these tough times as individuals is important, but it is also important for our way of being, our way of life, our customs, and our traditions to survive. We must support each other; we must create synergies, for our talent to transcend space and time.

Please join me in embracing these five new hopes, five new proposals, and five possibilities, five rebels that are in the process of becoming prominent.

I present to you, EMERGENT.

Ramon Delgado