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Claudia Bueno

Claudia Bueno is an artist that distinguishes herself for her remarkable use of technology. The media that animates her work, as well as the intricacy of her compositions and a spatial sense of immersions lights, motors, circuits, sound, wind, and video charge her pieces with the life and movement

that characterizes her creative language. Detailed drawings, meticulous cutouts, and elaborate structures leave evidence of the intimate engagement between the artist and her work.


“I am a dedicated artist who seeks creative challenges that praise thinking off limits and exploring beyond the comfort zone. Growing up in Venezuela’s ever-unpredictable environment shaped me to live in a constant state of alertness, always scanning my world and attentive to my surroundings, ltering my reality in an effort to capture the poetry that hides silently in its endless bends.

I commit my time to inventive endeavors that translate abstract thoughts into matter, turning creative ideas into tangible art that will spark a dialogue with the viewers and potentially generate more ideas. My drive is to communicate, to present fragments of our reality in an innovative, evocative format that will trigger people’s thoughts and echo with their own existence. My mission is to engage visitors in visual excursions that will awaken insight, inspire connections, and leave them intrigued with a new curiosity.”