I conceive painting like an altar in which one communicates with something mysterious that goes beyond the limits of the substance. It’s a time to encounter with one self in an intimate and profound recognition above all faces of your personality and from there reestablish a bond with another human being and the so called reality.

An altar is a sacred place that exists since the beginning of mankind and tried to communicate with elements in an invisible world with the sun the moon and the stars. Much of this art has not been considered as such because of its perishable character and it has been done in anonymous ways in caves, stones roads or it has just been considered craftsmanship.

The altar is a place for an offering and prayer. It can be fire, a flower, a tree, a stone or just the circle of these, an artifact more sophisticated or simply the Earth: she is in itself an altar. Sometimes we create altars without knowing, like when we cook or prepare a dinner with much dedication. Other times we become an altar when we devout ourselves to someone or merely just to honor and care for whom we are. Or when we recognize what it is as a sacred place to communicate with an invisible world or subtlety with other beings and energies. It has to be always with an intimate intention like pieces in a personal and transpersonal order so one can reunite with life beyond the apparent failure of the senses and reconnect with whom you are your past, with others, with nature and the cosmos.

If you want for the painting to work as an altar you need to have an intention. It’s to transmute the sounds of your thoughts and the every day emotions or your unconscious pain, something that goes way beyond the concepts, judgments and personal esthetics preferences.

Painting is an altar or it can be one if we believe it to be so. If we believe the magic is viable in every period, culture and places. For that to happen it is necessary to give oneself unselfishly, indifference a certain hastiness and blind faith that the magic will happen. These paintings in this exhibition have been structured from a feminine to a masculine altar. An altar to the mother, daughter, child adolescent, youth, the mature and the grandmother. It is a recognition of its creative and mysterious energies. I feel that only from there can we achieve our purpose and transmit old patterns that have no sense today.

It’s the game of power recognition and in this way we meet with our own power regarding the masculine human being. In my case I actually feel that this is possible as long as I exist metaphorically speaking the possibility in art of an altar and offering during the process of the creation of the works. Without even waiting for this process to be recognized as such I consider that simply by believing in that possibility this “attempt” by the painter grants his creation a sense beyond the subjective play of cosmetic tastes or the tongue twister. It’s the game of recognizing it’s power and in this way meet with ours regarding the masculine being.