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Alberto Jose Sanchez

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, 1979. Since his early childhood, Alberto showed interest in drawing, painting, mixing colors and other visual experiences with different techniques and materials. During adolescence he became attracted to kinetic art, experimenting and creating various works with clear features of this artistic movement. His main inspiration at this stage was the work of the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, who years later he met in Paris in his workshop, having the opportunity to have a close look at his work. Likewise, during this stage Alberto was strongly influenced by the work of another Venezuelan artist, Jesus Soto.

Years later he studied Contemporary Art also at the Metropolitan University in Caracas. During those years he met different relevant figures of the visual arts, such as Oswaldo Vigas, whose workshop he also visited to have a close look at his work. Although he had always shown interest in kinetic art, it is not until the middle of 2007 when he began to create abstract-geometric-optical works.

Sanchez works are based on purely geometric shapes constructed in two dimensions, structurally defined to generate and suggest a three-dimensional composition, thanks to the application of contrasting colors and the use of virtual shadows.

During Miami Art Week 2014, he created and installed a public work, a 40mts (130 feet) mural, located in Wynwood. In the first trimester of 2015 Alberto had a solo exhibition, Virtual Shadows at the Cynergi Building in Wynwood (Miami). In May 2015 Sanchez participated in the exhibition, Emergent at Ranivilu Art Gallery also in Wynwood.

In 2015 he participates in various international fairs such as Houston Fine Art Fair, Barcu-Bogota, FIAAM Maracaibo and Pinta Miami (during Miami Art Week). In September 2015 he had a solo show in Caracas (Venezuela)  Illusionary Structures, at Graphicart Gallery.